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The Ultimate Maid-of-Honour Check List

February 13, 2020 (0) Comments

The Ultimate Maid-of-Honour Check List

6 Tips To Help You Be The Best Wing Woman EVER!

Being your best friend’s wing woman on her wedding day IS an honour and she’s chosen you for a reason – she knows you can keep calm in crisis, have her back at every turn and you two always have the best time when you’re together. When I got married, my Maid-of-Honour was the ultimate MOH and I couldn’t have gotten through the day without having her there. When that big day comes for your besty (and leading up to!), here are 6 top tips that my MOH did for me and that you’ll want to do yourself!

1. Be calm, be organised.

Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes things go missing or it rains on your big day (it did on mine!), of course it will all work out in the end, but as MOH you need to be your bride’s rock—stay calm throughout it all so you can help her calm down when necessary.

2. Feed your bride!

We all want that glass of bubbly when getting ready before the wedding, but no one wants a wobbly bride walking down the aisle – make sure your bride gets some food in her before she says her ‘I Do’ – whether that’s picking up some breakfast or making sure the venue you’re getting ready in prepares some nibbles to bring up to the room (along with the bubbly!), make sure she’s not getting married on an empty stomach.

3. Get out on the dance floor!

They’ve spent so much money on the music and the venue and the last thing any bride wants is no one dancing. Make sure you help her out by being the first one out there with your partner or friends, this will help get the rest of the guests up and dancing too!

4. Step up as photo assistant!

Make sure you know all the shots your bride wants from the photographer. The day goes so fast and your bride is getting her hair and makeup done and it’s up to you to make sure she gets everything she wants out of the day. Know the photo list in advance and make sure the photographer is getting all those shots! Trust me, she’ll thank you later.

5. Be there for the dress fitting!

My veil would have been a different colour than my dress, had I not had my MOH there for the fitting. Be there to support your bride and if you spot something that you know doesn’t seem right, let her know. She’s chosen you as her MOH for a reason!

And finally (or firstly!),

6. Throw the best hen do for your bride.

Not all brides want a crazy party. Make sure when planning the hen do that you’re doing what the BRIDE wants – you know her best after all! Whether it’s a weekend away, a night out, or a spa day, have an itinerary ready. Plan out the day and make it personal to her.

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