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Gorgeous Gown For ‘Wild’ Woodland Wedding With Autumnal Touches

March 3, 2020 (0) Comments

Gorgeous Gown For ‘Wild’ Woodland Wedding With Autumnal Touches

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Office romances often get a bad reputation, but Sam & Becky proved to be the exception to the rule….

After several months of workplace flirting this outdoorsy couple gave in to their feelings, and everything just seemed to fall into place. Within a few months came the pitter patter of tiny paws, and with their beloved pup Jeff, this partnership became a trio, moving into their first love nest shortly after. Sam & Becky’s love for nature and the outdoors paved the way for their romantic woodland wedding and raucous reception…

The Great Outdoors

Having both spent years working in hospitality seeing the other side of hotel weddings, Sam & Becky knew they wanted to venture out and do something different that was unique to them. It was love at first sight when they came across an advert for Cheshire Woodland Weddings which reflected the couple’s love for exploring nature: “We love being outdoors and knew we wanted our wedding day to be fun!” Although there wasn’t a strict theme for the big day, the October date meant Sam & Becky’s nuptials naturally took on an autumnal vibe, with rich colours, crisp leaves and delicate flowers.

Natural Beauty 

Becky’s makeup prayers were answered when she came across Sophie Frulli – “I searched high and low to find a makeup artist that perfected that natural style that I really like, when I found Sophie I was over the moon”. Sophie’s pared back glam that enhanced rather than masked Becky’s features was exactly what this natural-loving bride was after and she chose the same style to be emulated on her bridesmaids. A recommendation from Becky’s mother-in-law came in the form of hairdresser Gemma Worth, who intertwined delicate sprigs of Gypsohilia into both the bride and bridesmaids looks.

A Woodland Dress for a Woodland Wedding

Bringing two cousins along for moral support, Becky visited Brides of Chester on the hunt for her dream dress, trying on an impressive 7 dresses before she knew she’d found the one: “as soon as I walked out in it my cousins burst into tears!” Everything slid perfectly into place when the shop assistant told Becky her dress was a Justin Alexander gown dubbed ‘the Woodland dress’. Fate was hard at work!

The ‘Maids’ 

Making up Becky’s bride squad were four of her closest school friends and her niece Nancy who rounded off the group as flower girl. The girl’s dresses came from Dancing Leopard, an unorthodox choice for bridesmaid’s gowns, but Becky’s focus was something wearable that put comfort first – “I wanted something they might actually wear again, and these were perfect!”

Here Comes the Boys!

In keeping with the pretty but practical choices for the ‘maids, the couple wanted the groomsmen to wear something comfortable that they could re-wear in the future and so opted for sharp, dark blue suits from M&S – which also proved to be the more cost-effective option! The boys looked super-dapper against the deep greens of the woodland backdrop – true city slickers, forest style!


The couple wanted to put relaxed fun at the forefront of their day so having a photographer who easily blended into the surroundings and caught the guests at their most candid was a must: “Michael Barrow was incredible, he was so relaxed and made sure we could spend the day enjoying ourselves with family and friends whilst capturing the most natural moments”. With such a strong outdoorsy, natural feel to the ceremony Becky knew getting the flowers right was essential: “Rose Farm Flowers & Plants curated the most beautiful bouquet and really put my mind at ease dressing the venue and the table for me in the morning. The whole place oozed countryside charm and the venue looked just as I had imagined it.”

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

With quality entertainment high on the agenda this fun-loving couple made sure the party continued throughout the day, hiring two piece acoustic band the Colour Blue Duo to create a relaxed party vibe for the daytime festivities. The band were then joined by more musicians including a DJ and saxophonist to ramp up the atmosphere for a party their guests would never forget – “They were all absolutely incredible, the reception was a full-on party!”.

With a day full of fresh air in their lungs, the guests were in high spirits from the start of the first speech, with the whole room standing on chairs and the gents (groom included!) swinging their ties above their head! The wild reception clearly took the couple to new heights – “Sam and I even ended up on stage, on people’s shoulders – it was just brilliant!”

A Honeymoon of Two Halves 

After a night of endless dancing most couples would seek a tranquil getaway of complete zen…but not this adventurous duo! Becky & Sam jetted off to the glamorous setting of Dubai to zipline across the marina and dune-buggy over the dessert. Thankfully, a week of much-needed R&R came in the form of 7 dreamy nights in the Maldives, the ultimate location for a post-wedding detox.


Those 3 Little Words… 

Rounding up their nuptials in 3 words Becky and Sam described their day as “perfect, unforgettable and WILD!”

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